A Critical Period for LSO Government Relations

Published by stemwebadmin

For the last eight years as a bencher, I have served on the Law Society’s Government Relations Committee, and have chaired this committee for the last four years.

As Chair of the committee, I have advocated for the legal profession to Queens Park and on Parliament Hill.  We have had some important successes, such as:

  • We persuaded the last government to provide an additional $100 million for Legal Aid Funding,
  • We advocated for and obtained interim funding to cover the increased number of refugee hearings,
  • We pushed back on the insurance industry’s attempt to limit the use of contingency fees, and
  • We successfully advocated for the expansion of the Unified Family Court.

In this political and social climate, the Law Society`s voice must be strong and clear so as to ensure that public confidence in our profession is maintained, and the views of our members are considered by governments at both levels.